October 15, 2010

A common problem for music lovers.

If you are remotely like me you have had this problem too. I am playing my music on my zune, ipod or other mp3 player and my favourite song comes on so i crank up the volume to max and forget to turn it down and then you are so use to that volume its normal and you can no longer rock out by turning the volume up also here is a link to one of my favourite songs so you can enjoy.

October 11, 2010

Anyone else like the office?

if so come join me here http://www.justin.tv/nitro297
relaxing after a long day watching this.

I try not let things get to me this helps.

Quick blog before lunch is over

I'm back home for a quick lunch and just wondering to all you people what is your favourite sandwitch roll or whatever you have leave a comment below.

October 10, 2010


This is just for people who have been pming me on steam and msn about my name.
Yes i am a celldweller fan and yes that is the cellblock i made for him as my logo.

I knew him since circle of dust then his disappered for a while and reappered as celldweller and i got his ep and well ill give you think link and you should go check his music out its pritty epic also ill put the link for a hd wallpaper of his logo i made down below.

Celldwellers music


Cellblock wallpaper

,Miles [-_-]

Steam anyone?

Is it just me or has the latest steam update had problems with anyone else?
Not only me who had problems a few of my friend reported problems logging in with geting some  stupid errors about text files.

If you still love steam leave your "<3" if you finaly had enough of valve and its cop out tiny dlcs to try keep you happy leave your "</3"

for me valve has me with a </3

, Miles [-_-]

Lieing awake at night

ever just been lieing around on a laptop when you should be asleep then suddenly..
but no realy you think you should be doing something with your time insted of sleeping.

Miles [-_-]